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Saint James Collectors Edition

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Saint James - Santiago de Compostela 

Santiago (Saint James) was one of the first disciples to shed his blood and die for Jesus.

After the death of Jesus, Saint James began to evangelize the ancient Hispania. He returned to Jerusalem and died in the year 42.

His companions moved his body to Galicia, where they arrived through the port of Iria Flavia (now Padrón). They put his body on a rock, which was yielding and yielding, until it became the Holy Sarcophagus.

The origin of the cult to Santiago is unknown, but it seems that in the year 812 relics were found related to him.

From the fifteenth century onwards, the church in Santiago, became one of the main pilgrimage places of Christianity and gave rise to the current “Way of Saint James”.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII officially recognized the bones of the Apostle, that are, today, in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

More information:

  • 3.55" height.
  • Gift boxed for easy giving and receiving
  • Figurine
  • Very high quality resin and only new materials
  • Beautifully hand painted
  • Perfect gift for any occasion, for a child, parent, grand-parent, teacher.
  • Highly collectible


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