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U.S.A. and Canada Retail Shops

1 - What is the minimum order? 

$99.00 (USD) + shipping.

2 - What is the delivery time after I place an order?

4-7 working days by HK Speed Post and 7-10 working days by DHL. 

3 - Where do you ship from? 

Hong Kong or China.

4 - Where do you manufacture? 

All our products are designed in Portugal and manufactured in Asia. 

5 - Where do I buy the Figurines/Statues

From Roman Inc. They have the license in the U.S. and Canada. Click here to contact Roman Inc.

6 - Where do I buy the other Little Drops of Water products?
Please contact
7 - How long does it take until I am invoiced?
You are invoiced once your order is shipped out.
The shipping charges will be invoiced later.
We don't make any money on the shipping. Our shipping agent charges on a monthly basis for the shipping charges, so it can take up to a month for us to charge you for shipping.
8 - How do we pay?
Credit Card or PayPal.
9 - We can't I pay by check?
We are a Catholic Company located in Hong Kong. It isn't possible to cash your check in Hong Kong. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but it is out of our control.
10 - Can I apply for credit facilities?
Yes you can. Please fill in the New Store Application Form (click here) and the Credit Card Application form (click here). Our platform is McAfee protected and the information you are submitting is processed on a secure platform.

You will need to fill in both forms and your credit card will be charged for each order you place, 30 days after shipping.  

11 - What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policy by clicking here 

Wholesalers and Distributors, please contact us for pricing.