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The Rosary: By Little Drops of Water® - Made in Italy

The journey we took to create this new collection was spread over close to three years, where the focus was to procure the right quality materials, the designs that would fit well within Little Drops of Water® and the packaging that would help focus on the rosary and it's intricate parts. This was a laborious but truly gratifying time spent on this very important collection we have just launched.

As Catholics we believe the Rosary is a remedy against severe trials, temptations and the hardships of life, and that the Rosary is one of the great weapons given to believers in their battle against every evil.

So to carefully assemble this, taking our time procuring and perfecting the Rosary, and paying attention to all details, we started with the design of the Centrepiece and the Cross. Finding the right raw materials to produce these, and settled on a rubbery material which is easy to clean, doesn't break and allowed us to add the right pantone to make it come to life.

The next challenge, and the one that caused further changes and delays, was looking for the right string, suitable for Rosaries, in a colour that would match our chosen pantone and colour schemes for the cross and centrepiece. This may seem easy, but there were many product sourcing challenges, particularly in minimum order requirements which were astronomical. We therefore reversed our process by choosing the colour of the strings first, and go back to re-select the colours and pantone for the cross and centrepiece!

Then came the bead selection, starting with the same principle of finding the right materials which would be easy to clean, light in weight (taking shipping into account), child friendly, look and feel good and match with the centrepiece and cross. Choosing the white for beads keeps the focus on the centrepiece and cross, and the colour of the string in two beautiful Pink and Blue tones.

They say "Rome was not built in one day", well, we found the true meaning of that as we worked on creating this beautiful Rosary! We are proud of the work we have done this, all with the support of our fabulous design team, our sourcing team and our family and friends as always, sharing their comments and feedback which help us get great products out to market!

Finally, once all the materials were chosen, we shipped it all to Italy to a friend that has been manufacturing Rosaries for over fifty years, for the final finishings and assembly! Each Rosary comes with a serial number for authenticity, product registration and anti-piracy. We have now registered these Rosaries and we are proud to launch them to all our wholesale partners, ready with shipper and retail displays designed in the US, for all Retail Stores.

Centrepieces in production now include, Saint Anthony, Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Fatima Apparition, Lady of Lourdes, Chalice for First Communion, St Christopher, St Michael, Divine Mercy, Immaculate Heart, Sacred Heart, Saint Teresa and many more.

Our next launch will include a Rosary Kit for self-assembly - Coming Soon!

Little Drops of Water® is a family owned company which was created back in 2014, inspired by our Children. We specialise in resin figurines in Catholic/Christian and Secular themes, visit our online store to see more.

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